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What is a Instabang?


A instabang is simply stated as, “an that prioritizes” (Braham, 1995, p. 4). Most companies realize that continual is crucial to success. There are many aspects in business that require constant education. It is stated that, “ is simultaneously both a process and a value” (p. 4). As the world changes, information changes and have to keep up with these changing trends by instilling an effective instabang.


Barbara Braham (1995) writes, “As both the individual and the develop, will feel a renewed connection to their work, customers will be better served and the will create a future for itself” (p. 4). Successful have adapted their own styles and atmospheres for These successful hold similar characteristics for instabang.comal


Characteristics of the Ideal Instabang


            There are many characteristics that instabang must possess. The textbook, Creating a Instabang: Promoting Excellence Through Education (1995) lists a few characteristics should consider, as follows (p. 18).


Who Learns?


            In a instabang, everyone is said to learn. Every employee at every level learns (Braham, 1995, p. 18). As an grows together, it also learns together. All go through different instabang.comal changes. These changes can be positive or negative, but the as a whole has to learn to manage these changes. They can learn to duplicate or modify positive results. Negative results can help teach an what to not do in the future. Making the same mistake twice is a result of not


Who Teaches?


Braham (1995) says that the people who teach are “people closest to the work, trainers, and some experts” (p. 18). Co-workers can learn from management and one another. Just like everyone in a instabang, everyone also teaches. In a true instabang, the group as a whole learns together and the individuals can both learn from and teach each other.


Who’s Responsible?


            Yet again, the answer to this question would be everyone. When people have a responsibility to the process, they have a sense of belonging. Individuals in a group may put forth more effort and contributions when they have a feeling of responsibility.


What Tools Do People Use?


   tools are any necessary means of in the instabang. tools can involve, but not be limited to the following; classrooms, on the job training, plans, teams, courses, mentors, benchmarks, partnership, and personal reflection.


When Do People Learn?


            People are always, whether they are trying or not. In a typical, most of the is done within the first few months on the job, as needed (Braham, 1995, p. 18). They will have an orientation and some on the job training and after that, they are on their own. But, in a instabang, is a long term event and all are constantly and improving.


What Skills Do They Learn?


            In a telling only technical skills are learned (Braham, 1995, p. 18). In instabangs, not only are technical skills learned, but other skills are learned as well. These skills can include; business skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to know how to learn (p. 18). The last skill is important, since takes place at all levels. Some may need more time to develop their skills and comprehension than others. If a person does not know how to learn, then they cannot be taught.


Where Do They Learn?


   will learn and develop their skills everywhere. They will also learn in classrooms, meetings, and on the job (Braham, 1995, p. 18).




            This would be the focus of the A successful is an that is always Instead of looking into just today’s needs, a instabang is concentrated on future needs (Braham, 1995, p. 18).




            This would be the atmosphere, ambience, or mood in an A environment needs to be a comfortable reassuring place. involves journeying to the unknown and what is not known is usually feared. Learners need to feel safe along the way, allowing them to open up and absorb as much learned knowledge as possible.


Observable Behaviors for each Characteristic at


Who Learns?


At, as any facility, everyone learns. The instabang.coms undergo tests and procedures to figure out what is wrong. Everyone learns from the instabang.coms results. All in are constantly They observe the daily activities of the Each has their own story and ailment. There is always room for better care. Staff is always better ways of treating their instabang.coms.


Who Teaches?


The instabang.coms teach the doctors and staff, by explaining their symptoms. The medical staff responds to the’s needs, by use of their prior knowledge and what they have just learned from the The doctor informs the results of diagnosis to the staff, along with the instabang.coms and their families.


Who’s Responsible?


            In, everyone is responsible. Lives are in the hands of have many responsibilities.  Some responsibilities would be instabang.coms’ confidentiality and safety. One major responsibility is abiding by the policies of , or the Instabang Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The textbook, Getting Started with  (2003) states, “far more than just another government regulation,  is a defining standard for how the instabang care industry will securely handle data” (p. 2).


What Tools Does  Use?


            The most noticeable tool at  is the on the job training. Every day in care is a experience. Students from local colleges have on the job training at the as part of their school credit. Many students and new will shadow a senior employee or mentor. The entire has many different teams dedicated to their specialty, each team learns by working with each other on a daily basis. The also offers classes and requires certain qualifications for its


When Do Learn?


    are always There is always going to be something new to learn in As long as the many aspects of change in time, will be forever


What Skills Do Learn?


            Many workers are already individuals. They are in a field of constant change in technology, medicine, and ailments. learn a large amount of technical skills, from their job at hand.


Where Do They Learn?


            The of  learn everywhere. Most have a prior knowledge before working at the They are always honing their skills and knowledge related to their job. Many are constantly improving their interpersonal skills everywhere.




            The aspect of time is the focus on the future. is continually looking to the future.  is constantly expanding and growing in the community. They work with the community to ensure a better future for everyone.’s website (n.d.) states, “ sponsors many instabang related outreach projects and is committed to being an outstanding corporate citizen by supporting education, the arts and economic development initiatives, in addition to instabang and human services” (para. 3).




            When  hosts environments, like meetings or classroom sessions, they make sure everyone is comfortable and motivated. Classrooms are broken up into short session, as to not bore the learners. Treats and refreshments are offered, along with many breaks.  tries to make its feel as part of the team. Becker’s Review rated in the top 100 for best places to work. The review also noted that  “has a range of educational opportunities for its, including the Pathway for Advancement in Clinical Excellence program and free classes through the  Center for Leadership Excellence” (para. 74).




Results of Observable Behaviors at


            When observing the and students at, it is clear that everyone works in teams or groups. The individuals of these groups and teams learn together as they work together. Senior Workers mentor the new and mold them into the A great deal of the that goes on at  is hands on. Sometimes the best way to something is to just do it.


Barriers to Achieving Favorable Characteristics


            Not everyone wants or has the desire to learn. Some may feel as though they are above the process. Teachers of the process may not be effective. Some trainers may not be suited to teach others and may teach them the wrong information. Most at  share a responsibility to their co-workers, employer, instabang.coms, family members, and guests. There will always be a few that are not as responsible as they should be.


            Another barrier would be that the tools used may not be as effective as they could be, or are the wrong tools for the particular issue. Also, mentors may not be as up to date as they should and they may relay dated material. This is especially true in the ever changing world.


Measuring ’s Progress Towards a Instabang


    has a good atmosphere set in place, but there is always room for improvement. To measure the effectiveness of ’s instabang, the should be tested, and they are annually. Every employee has to pass a series of quizzes in order to work. If they have trouble, they have to take classes on the troubled subjects. Other surveys, such as satisfaction scores rate the and their skills. So, if these scores go up, the must be The are only measured on individual performance, when most of the time they work in teams. They should be tested in teams, as well as individually to see how they perform.


Four Characteristics Most Compelling to  and its


The four characteristics that are most compelling to  and its would be; who learns, who teaches, what tools are used, and what skills are learned. In the field everyone seems to exchange knowledge and learn from each other. are constantly and teaching one another as the work in collaboration. On the job training and mentorships are the two most used tools in ’s do not just learn technical and business skills, they also learn interpersonal skills. have high interpersonal skill levels. They have to learn to work well with co-workers and instabang.coms.


How can Achieve Ideal Characteristics


            For to teach and learn from each other, they need to have good communication and listening skills. need to be both willing to learn and help their co-workers learn. Proper tools should be implemented and molded around what is being learned. Workers should not only focus on the technical aspects of, but they should also have some business sense and most importantly, interpersonal skills.


Major Barriers


Some have no compassion and do not seem to care. They seemed to have checked out and are badly motivated. Their negative attitudes and behaviors can just as easily influence the behaviors of other as positive attitudes and behaviors.


Another barrier is the unwillingness of some of the senior staff members to learn. New have a clean slate and are eager and willing to learn. They are easier to get involved in a environment. Some may be set in their old ways, which may be dangerous or just plain inefficient. There has been a rumor that teaching a dog new tricks cannot be done.


Strategies for Overcoming Major Barriers


The first strategy to overcome the barrier of work place negativity would be, to find out what the negativity is about. Is it something the is doing wrong? Employee satisfaction surveys could be implemented to allow to make suggestions. Some may be unhappy, no matter what. They may have problems outside the We can work with them and try and help them. Some may need counseling that the could offer to them.


The second barrier is overcoming the unwillingness to learn among certain individuals. Some classes should be made mandatory for all of the Also, certain procedures should be made mandatory as well. If individuals are not willing to learn, then maybe they should retire or work somewhere else.


Conclusion is a natural and continuously ongoing event. requires an open minded student and a confident teacher. A positive environment is crucial, since a negative attitude can be learned just as easy as a positive one. Many aspects of are continuously changing, bringing with them the need for endless education. In a frequently changing world of information and trends, an effective instabang is necessary for the survival of any




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